Video of Sunny Side of AI Presentation from 2015 Smart Data Conference

Want to know what sort of things we're into at N2Semantics? Here's a video of Tony Sarris' recent presentation on the applications and benefits of AI -- the positive, sunny side of AI -- on the DATAVERSITY website at:


What We Do

Whether driven by formal ontologies, semantic web schemas and markup, the results of text analytics and machine learning based on big data, dynamically-generated semantic networks or any combinations of these, semantics can provide added value and differentiation for both existing applications and emerging applications such as bots and intelligent software agents. We think the time has come for applications to get into semantics and at N2Semantics we help our clients, in particular Web, mobile and social startups, do just that in ways that are both innovative and practical. We provide technical advisory services from strategic planning for the use of semantic technologies to architecture, design and development support.

Why the Name N2Semantics?

The name N2Semantics has two meanings. First, it simply conveys that we're deeply into the field of semantics and believe our clients will benefit from employing semantic technologies in their applications and products. Second, it refers to N200 or N2 semantics in the field of cognitive science. These are the neural components responsible for cognition, including language processing. For more see: N2 Neuroscience.